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Jun 15, 2020 - Jun 20, 2020

Students Week 1 Challenge "Rising Star"

  • 6Days
  • 12Steps


Dear Parents and Students, The Karate Kids Weekly Challenge is the simple and easy way to take your Choi Kwang Do training to the next level! The challenge app feeds the students with daily activities, lessons, and training exercises in easy to follow steps. The weeks training is laid out day by day. Simply follow the steps and check as finished when complete. Some steps require feedback before it can be marked as finished. Every student should attempt to finish every step in the weekly training plan to get assigned their weekly training achievement "Rising Star" badge worth 25 house points. Each week the badge changes and so may the house points earned. This is a great way to getting ready to the lead back to our physical dojo, the challenges are intended to get your child ready for going back. As for some of the children, concerns not been at the academy for a while now, to them it feels like a new step and environment when they enter the academy. These challenges will help them with their confidence, knowing that they know their curriculum and how to perform it. Ensuring they feel a little easier on returning to the academy. For the Kickboxers amongst us simply change patterns to your forms so this process can be adapted for you as well. Any questions,please message on the app and we will receive it and reply as quickly as possible. Pil Sung - Master Tony Rice

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